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How do you Doo? Part 3: Get Set – position matters

WEANING: Often times during weaning the texture of baby’s stool will change . The colon and rectum must adapt to this change and expel the firmer, sometimes drier stools efficiently.  Many toddlers will undergo transient constipation with FIRM DRY stools and INFREQUENT passage of stools (less than once every 3 days) during this adjustment phase.

WITHHOLDING STOOL: Subsequently a few children, boys more than girls, may develop a tear “FISSURE” because of the hard dry stool. This will cause blood on the tissue or on the stool, and PAIN on the passage of stools and consciously or unconsciously avoiding stooling thereafter.

POTTY TRAINING: After potty training, most children are keen to sit on the toilet like a “big kid”! Many children do just fine on the toilet, but there is a large number of children who struggle to pass stool in that position… feet a dangling.

Feet a-Dangling      Dangling vs Potty Squats     Potty Squats



Squatting is the bending of the hip and knee joints simultaneously

It results in a straightening of the rectum and enhances natural relaxation of the anal sphincters.

The Perfect Squat!

The Perfect Squat!

Numerous articles have been published about the importance of the squatting position for ease of passing stools. We at Caribbean Tots to Teens do NOT support any particular brand commercial product, but we do like this video explanation of the benefits of squatting seen here.

It is important to note that you do NOT need a commercial device, toddlers can be held in the squatting position  with their backs towards the adults chest and a steadying hold just below the bended knees. They may also squat naturally when using a potty placed on the floor. Older children (up to about 20 kilograms) can stand on the toilet seat … be sure its sturdy… and squat down OR pull up a drink crate / stepping stool to allow little feet to rest comfortably with the hip and knees bent while sitting.

Does your little one need to be set in position to pass stool? Have you tried and of these techniques? Do you use a technique we haven’t mentioned here? Share with our readers, contact us! We want to know.

How do you Doo? is a series that addresses common infant and child stooling issues.