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Regional News and Views: we are so much more alike than we are different.

Working in the Community

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Every year during Christmas and Easter Food for the Poor helps to free and rehabilitate non-violent prisoners as an Act of Mercy throughout the countries that they work in. You can read some more details here. This year is the Jubilee Year of Mercy for the Church and so far 256 persons have been released through the Prison Ministry. I wanted to highlight and share this project of Good News in the Caribbean region. How can I share God’s Mercy with others? How will you?



Committed to building tourism!

Here is a statement made by a Prime Minister: “We’re going to be a government that understands the huge potential of our tourism industry, that gets tourism and that gives the industry the backing that it needs”.  That statement was not made by a Caribbean leader whose country depends on tourism for more than 60 per cent of its GDP – as is the case now in most of them.  It was made by the British Prime Minister in relation to Britain.

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I say no more.