Fermented foods

reuben sandwich

In med school my close friend and study partner always had yogurt culture at home. I was spoilt by the creamy deliciousness of this “real” live food. NOTHING  from a store tastes the same.

In recent times as I read all I can find about gut science I see more and more articles singing the praises of fermented foods. Everything from acne to constipation has allegedly been cured by the Lactobacilli that thrive in these foods. I’ve decide to try my hand at homemade sauerkraut. I will keep you posted!

Does anyone make their own yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha or kimchi? That’s a lot of Ks. Have you seen anything for sale in Kingston? Are there any mommies out there who found a fermented food made things better for their little ones tummy troubles? Please share your tips and discoveries.

LINK 1: Why you should eat more fermented foods

LINK 2: How to make a jar of sauerkraut for the beginner or skeptic.


4 responses to “Fermented foods

  1. You can get Claussen sauerkraut at HiLo Barbican which is quite good. We actually make our own. It is amazingly easy and now Liguanea drug and garden has mason jars. We all have acquired a tasted for it. However it may have triggered the big son’s allergies and he breaks out in hives. From that and bone broth. We have taken a break on both and plan to try it again.


  2. Lorraine Rainford

    I am making water kefir, milk kefir and have made sauerkraut. The kefirs we have been having, but we often forget the sauerkraut. It is in the fridge. I have been keen on finding some Jamaican based fermented foods. We must have a local version of that. I am in search of local farmers who practice non pesticide fertilizer farming and who raise cows on grass, not grain. I tried bone broth but not long enuff as I was not able to figure that out.


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