Belly vs Brain: who’s in charge here?

I am intrigued by the relationship between the gut and the brain. This study that demonstrates outright behaviour changes is one example of our slowly growing understanding:
CBC News – Gut feeling: How intestinal bacteria may influence our moods

Even good old serotonin is now understood to be mostly produced by our ever-present friendly gut bacteria:
Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut Medicine, nutrition and psychology are intimately intwined. Traditional means of understanding and teaching these disciplines will soon change forever.

Technology and health. I love where this is going! Constipation and GERD affect many Jamaican kids.

Is there a new tool coming to the tool-box for those children who don’t respond to diet, behavior change and current options for medication?

Magnetically applied MicroRNAs could one day help relieve constipation: Micro metal beads and magnets help deliver a biologic where it’s needed to improve constipation or rectoanal incontinence in animal models of the disorders. — ScienceDaily–+ScienceDaily%29

Thoughts on Why Homicide is Increasing in Jamaica 2017

Using violent means to  curb violence is guaranteed to fail. It can backfire with more violence.

Beating a child into submission, beating a child until you the adult are exhausted, will not bring about positive, sustained behavior change.

The same goes for lock downs and mass detainment. The article below gives an interesting global perspective on state-led crackdowns.

Why Jamaica’s Homicide Rate is Increasing

Grassroots, on-the-ground social intervention can transform communities. We desperately need sustained support for these programmes. Sustained social intervention has been proven time and time again to be cheaper and more effective than punitive aggression. 


Fermented foods

reuben sandwich

In med school my close friend and study partner always had yogurt culture at home. I was spoilt by the creamy deliciousness of this “real” live food. NOTHING  from a store tastes the same.

In recent times as I read all I can find about gut science I see more and more articles singing the praises of fermented foods. Everything from acne to constipation has allegedly been cured by the Lactobacilli that thrive in these foods. I’ve decide to try my hand at homemade sauerkraut. I will keep you posted!

Does anyone make their own yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha or kimchi? That’s a lot of Ks. Have you seen anything for sale in Kingston? Are there any mommies out there who found a fermented food made things better for their little ones tummy troubles? Please share your tips and discoveries.

LINK 1: Why you should eat more fermented foods

LINK 2: How to make a jar of sauerkraut for the beginner or skeptic.

New study links opioid epidemic to childhood emotional abuse

The impact of trauma in childhood just cannot be measured. Cannot be understood. I want to heal hurting children and make tomorrow’s parents stronger.

Working in the Community

Luke 4:18 from promisebradley.WordPress.comimage

Every year during Christmas and Easter Food for the Poor helps to free and rehabilitate non-violent prisoners as an Act of Mercy throughout the countries that they work in. You can read some more details here. This year is the Jubilee Year of Mercy for the Church and so far 256 persons have been released through the Prison Ministry. I wanted to highlight and share this project of Good News in the Caribbean region. How can I share God’s Mercy with others? How will you?


Passing on the effects of trauma

girl hug

Compassion and Support

Scientists continue to assess some of the long term effects of childhood trauma: mothers less able to bond with their child – generational effects. It is important for health care workers, care-givers and all person who work with children to understand as much as they can about the long-term effects of childhood trauma. Recovery from such trauma and resilience to thrive are linked to support, compassionate adult support, as much as it is to physical protection. We have to give them a safe place to “be”. Clink this link for the findings of the study done at Rutgers University: Does sexual aggression alter the female brain.

Thirty percent of women worldwide experience some kind of physical or sexual assault during their lifetime. In a recent animal study, scientists — who have developed a new model to determine how stress affects females — discovered that prepubescent female rodents paired with sexually experienced males had elevated levels of stress hormones, could not learn as well, and expressed reduced maternal behaviors needed to care for offspring.

Eat your veggies!

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The fruits-and-veggies, peas, beans, and grain you eat today might save your grandchildren from a fecal transplant.

One of the main roles of fibre is to support the “good” bacteria living in our colon. These bacteria are working to keep YOU alive. Now try explaining that to your kids, or where absolutely necessary, sneak those veggies in!

Check out THIS link for some food science.

Fecal Transplantation Can Be a Potential Obesity Prevention Method

I truly believe that modifications of the gut mictobiota can treat many illnesses; gastrointestinal and otherwise.
Keep on testing, trying and supporting the cause. #foodismedicine

Conversation with gut microbes

Here’s an Interesting article about how bacteria “speak” to each other. Sometimes we humans need to shut up and listen.

Small talk with big potential: Bacterial conversation counteracts antibiotic damage — ScienceDaily–+ScienceDaily%29